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Pay Per Click

To flourish any internet business, it is important to gather as much web traffic as possible. Instead of using an organic approach and waiting for the visitors, QUICK SEO HELP now makes things easier with pay per click. It helps to place your brand and product ads towards millions of audience and you pay only when they click your ad. It is the best way to target the relevant group of audience and improve the ad performance. Example If an amount of 4$ paid per click results into $400 sale, that’s when you start getting profit with pay per click.

PPC Services

In the world of Internet business, PPC services ensure the money you spend for each click on your ads helps you gain the twice. Taking the advantage of it we at QUICK SEO HELP have the best PPC service for you ensuring the promising results in your business. We launch PPC campaigns that focus on your targeted audience with a research of their interests on your brand product and services and help you in finding them to add more profits to your business. Our PPC management strategies mainly include Paid Search, Display advertising, Re-Marketing, Media Buy, Shopping ads and Social media advertising.

Search Advertising

QUICK SEO HELP ensures the best Website marketing through Search advertising or Google advertising mechanism. It is very useful for business growth as the different searches of people reveal about their intent and give an easy way to reach the targeted customers. QUICK SEO HELP makes the use of Google Adwords which is pretty much like an auction mechanism where you can bid to advertise in the search results and your ads visibility depends on your quality score and the relevance of your ad to your bidding keywords. It also helps you advertise on Gmail, Youtube and Google Display network.

Product Listing Ads

QUICK SEO HELP by enabling you advertising through Adword moves you one step closer to business growth through Product Listing Ads mechanism. These are cost per click ads which you can purchase through Adwords. It offers an organized method of putting your ads to the top search results and to the left of the search page. It also makes the ad more distinguishable from others through product image by clicking on which the audience can easily reach your website ad through Google along with the other relevant searches. It's a highly efficient method to gain web traffic for your website.

Display Advertising

QUICK SEO HELP provides an intellectual way to reach your targeted audience cost-effectively through Display Advertising which not only boosts your exposure but also improves the overall ROI. It is a commercial method to attract customers through text, graphics, animations, logos, photographs, and videos. It helps in reaching the technologically savvy people browsing the web for different interests. It focuses on some important key factors like Reach, Clickthrough rates, conversation rates, Bounce rates, and ROI. QUICK SEO HELP, being a Google Analytic partner gives you the best assistance in tracking and measuring your Online Display activities to business growth results.


Profit is the main key factor of business and QUICK SEO HELP ensures the same by spending your ad budget in the most profitable way through Re-Marketing. It is an online advertising method which shows the targeted ads to the visitors who have already visited your website by popping the ads in their web browsing area, news sites or while watching youtube videos which keeps them engaged to your ads and attracts them to visit for more. You just need to add a tag to your website so that the visitors get added to remarketing audience list through browser cookies.

Social Advertising

With the rising popularity of social networking sites in the recent times' QUICK SEO HELP leaves no page unturned by providing Social advertising facility to its customers. It is an innovative method to connect with the audiences through social ads ensuring high profits. These ads are generally small and help you create the best-personalized content of your product or brand and make it reach endless users through various social sites like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It also facilitates in building campaigns with an aim to meet specific business goals cost-effectively and helps the online businessmen to gain enormous web traffic.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is another popular method provided by QUICK SEO HELP to let you advertise your products and services through the smartphones and tablets. It is a subset of Mobile marketing and can be as short as a text message contacting your website link or a vibrant interactive advertisement. Mobile Advertising uses specific demographics based on user’s preferences to attract the targeted customers by displaying ads as per their download of apps, games, ringtones, websites, videos etc. The different methods included in mobile advertising are through Mobile Web, Multimedia Messaging Service, Mobile Applications and Mobile Video and Television advertising units.

Google Shopping Ads

If you are a retailer, QUICK SEO HELP gives you the facility to place your Google shopping ads. These ads feature the photo of the product you want to advertise, a brief product description, price tag, your brand name. In a nutshell, the small ads are enough to attract the customers with all the required details. You can run a smart shopping campaign by auto-syncing your products with Google Merchant Center. You can set a daily budget to launch your campaign and let Google take care of everything. It is the best way to gain traffic for your shopping website.

Affiliate Marketing

Another tactful method of marketing provided by QUICK SEO HELP to its customers is the Affiliate Marketing. It focuses on increasing sales for the owner by allowing the same audience to be targeted by other merchants hence earning commissions through product recommendation. It also helps the affiliate at the same to earn money through product sale without creating their own products. After getting registered as an affiliate a marketer gets a URL including their affiliate ID. Each URL is unique and shared with subscribers, social networks, visitors through text links and ads which when clicked gets recorded in affiliates account.


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