Some marketing strategies in this harsh time of COVID-19

The whole world is witnessing the entry of the coronavirus to our lives and we are also well aware of the outcomes we are facing because of it.

The majority of the nations in the whole world are in lockdown state which means people are practicing social distancing because of this cruel virus and quarantining ourselves. From practicing regular handwashes just to wash off the viruses to use masks continuously has been the regular thing with us in the current scenario. We aren’t able to visit our loved ones also because of this deadly virus, and this eventually has become that surprise element that we have never thought about.

Apart from the health suffering of humans, the business and marketing field is also suffering majorly because of the lockdown which has happened. And the result which has come up recently is enough to shock you drastically.

So I have decided to come up with some free ideas which can help out the small businessman who is suffering the most from this.

As we all know, its 2020 and a lot have been changed since the past few decades and especially when it comes to online platforms, there are a lot more opportunities that are knocking at the door. There are several marketing strategies and online scheme which any small businessman can also incorporate in their business.

Opportunity 1: helping other compassionately


The ad agency which I run has a lot many users in this pandemic but that not really I am truly worried about. But we can then also hold on to the trends which are going around.

In the situation when I saw we are losing profits in a particular business, I just tend to giveaway premium features of that business for free. And it could really seem that I will be break-even more now but that’s not the real issue priority

Just glance through the below picture and you’ll notice many interest stuff out there.

You can break down from the picture that how many numbers of free trails have been achieved by Ubersuggest. And you can surely witness a hike in the number of trials.

By looking in the picture, you should always remember that the hike in the customers straightly means the free trails which are responsible for the hike. Yes, it is a true fact that many of the customers will not covert them into a payable customer but still, the free trails customers will lead to paid customers eventually in a long run for sure.

In the next picture you can see a decline in the graph which shows that while I opened the paid’s feature and made them free, the graph shows a decline.

So eventually for a long and better run, you are helping me a lot to strengthening things up.

In the time when I decide to blog and inform the audience about the paid features which are now currently in free trails, many customers do prefer buying the subscription so that they can continue having those benefits.

I receive hundreds of mail which has only one thing written on it that they are really glad by the gesture and efforts by me and to help me out from this situation they are purchasing the monthly paid plan.

There is another scenario when the general signups become down just because of the large number of free trails but that not really the case with me. I didn’t go for many free trails, instead, I gave away a few free trails for those people who have eventually helped me out in my bad phase.

But as I informed that I am going for some more giveaways of the free trial, my traffic just started to go up on Ubersuggest which is an interesting thing to notice for sure. And I might not be the first person to notice this, there are many who have noticed this earlier as well.

Eric Sui has recently decided to give away the course about marketing agency which he usually charges $1.497 for free. And more than 250 people have come up and taken up the offer.

This has not only made Eric Sui famous but also has made to increase social media popularity as well. it has opened up a whole new platform for him which now comprises around 50,000 people in total.

Eric was doing the same thing which I was doing and that is helping out the audience in a positive way in this hard time just to make them realize that we are here.

I am also familiar with a person with the same intention in the health and employment sector as well.

All cases which I have witnessed have a common thing which is a high traffic

So with the business, you are running, first, decide what you can give away for free. And in these difficult times, such a gesture will be appreciated undoubtedly.

Opportunity 2: making the paid ads cheaper

Making the ads much cheaper is the latest trend going on.

Somewhere it makes sense because all these big companies make money through an auction system. They eventually need small businesses for CPC(cost per click) for ads and in this way, only the big companies have to spend a lot on ads

If you don’t have such completion in small business for CPC, the cost will eventually decrease which re are experiencing now.

But while staying at home, we are using online apps massively, such greatly like apps like Netflix are tend to lower down their stream quality.

And in an alternative way, we can say that this has increased the traffic on the internet because of which competition is decreasing thus the cost of ads is also lowering.

The conversion rates are decreasing in many industries but that not near to CPC anyways

By looking at the chart given below you can sense that the ROI of paid ads is much higher than the situation before COVID-19. In general, the scenario which is seen is an increase of 31% to 53% which is eventually a 71% increase in total.

Opportunity 3: solutions to down conversions:

Covid19 Conversion


With the below-mentioned picture, you can observe that many industries are facing down conversions.

Some sectors are doing well from then but some sectors like traveling are still suffering massively for example Delta Airlines are burning their $60 million daily on a regular basis.

But a solution is being seen which has improved the conversion rate by 12%. If you have a store that sells products online then prefer something like Affirm which offers some great payment plan.

And because of such apps, your customers will feel less pressurized. It doesn’t really matter that you have an e-commerce company or consultancy service. You can go for money over a period of the year.

Selling ebooks? The solution is here also, you can come up with several installment plans for this.

When I come up with selling products in, I sensed that only 19% of my audience opted for the payment method which I supposed.

In this situation where people are thinking about spending their cashless, it is one of the best opportunities to increase the conversion rate.

Opportunity 4: provide training which is educationally based

If you want a boost in your business, go for educational course content

The unemployment level is at its high thus, people are looking for educational opportunities.

It sectors of hi-tech industries have a maximum number of opportunities and not all people are aware of this sector.

And when a certain age is passed, you can’t really go back to school because it turns out to time consuming too and let’s admit it that it’s a generation where you can learn everything from YouTube.

Rather opting for an offline institute, where you all go. An online platform only where you have the freedom to choose the best for you

Whether it is UDemy or any other platform people are constantly searching for the platform which can help them.

If you don’t know how to sell an online course, you can definitely follow this. Out of my experience, it will help tremendously without any fail as I used to reach $381,722 a month.

Opportunity 5: the geographical diversion

Us Traffic

COVID-19 is no doubt a deadly pandemic but it is reaching out to some places much more than other places or countries

Like South Korea has been pretty lucky in tackling the pandemic in a better way

And contradictorily, USA and Italy has been washed off massively and till date, new cases are coming up in hundreds

With around 84,000 new cases within a few days, this virus is not only effecting lives but also effecting traffic as well.

You can opt for international SEO by which you can gain more traffic eventually.

The below-mentioned picture shows the fluctuation in the traffic for my SEO traffic around a few months.

But in recent few days, the traffic is coming back in US SEO, but it’s nowhere near to what it was used to be but yes it was not that low as well like the time when corona attacked the US for the first time.

While on the other side, the traffic in Brazil has shown some increase and we haven’t changed any strategies related to it neither changes any algorithm as well.

India is also showing an increase gradually. So if you translate your content through international SEO, your traffic can definitely increase.

But it’s a fact that it will take around 6 months to 1 year to normalize the things. If you want to get the results just like mine, do follow my global SEO strategy.


It’s very distressing that the coming days can be even worse as the cases are constantly increasing. From my personal views, we should definitely continue practicing social distancing. You have more time now so make it worth in a marketing and business perspective as well.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Paul Tournier