What are the factors that influence SEO pricing as of 2019?

SEO is one of the main ways in which business firms reach out to their target customers and therefore is absolutely necessary for business owners to avail the best SEO solutions. For any company looking to make use of SEO services, it is necessary to know the current prices and the various factors that influence the SEO package rates. Here we are going to have a closer look at the various aspects of SEO pricing in different parts of the world and let you know the things that you should be aware of when you are looking to hire an SEO consultant or expert for your specific needs.

We have conducted a thorough research into the factors that influence SEO pricing in different parts of the world. We have also taken into consideration how the pricing for local SEO and global SEO differs from each other. This has enabled us to provide you with a detailed report about the SEO pricing trends of 2018.

Here are some of the important inferences that have been accumulated from SEO business data as in 2018.

  • Most of the SEO companies charge a specific monthly retainer for all or some of the services that they offer. Around 74.71% of SEO firms charge their clients a regular monthly retainer fee. The pricing for such a retainer fee may vary greatly from one country to another. However, it almost never goes beyond the limit of $5K per month.
  • A lot of SEO firms present clients with pricing models even though most companies refrain from such a practice. There are also those that present customers with multiple pricing models. About 59.2% of SEO companies only offer a single pricing model and about 66.99% of them ask for a monthly retainer. In other words, 39.66% of all the SEOs charge only a monthly retainer. These companies do not offer any kind of per‐project or hourly pricing to their clients.
  • The pricing tier ranging between $501 and $1,000 per month is most popular for the monthly retainers. The 2nd most widely popular pricing tier is around $251 and $500 and it accounts for almost 19.23% of the retainers. Around 24.23% of the monthly retainers ask for about $2,001 per month or more. For companies in USA, the range between $2,501 and $5,000 per month is the most widely popular tier.
  • The range between $100 and $150 per hour stands as the most widely accepted pricing tier for hourly pricing. Nearly 25% of all the hourly rates nowadays fall in this range. When it comes to USA, this figure translates to about 35.29%. The hourly pricing tier of $75 to $100 is now the 2nd most popular hourly rate and it accounts for about 19.53% of SEO firms.
  • When it comes to per‐project pricing, the dominant pricing tier is definitely between $501 and $1,000. Around 25.17% of SEO projects fall in this range. About 52.32% of SEO firms charge a one‐off fee of around $1,001 or more, and there are also companies charging as high as $25,001 to $50,000.
  • The hourly rates hardly ever exceed $150/hour. Around 88.28% of all SEO firms charge about $150 per hour or less, even though more than half of them charge anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour. The hourly rates go beyond $150/hour only in 11.72% of cases, and go beyond $200/hour in only 6.25% in cases.
  • The SEO agencies typically charge more than the consultants and freelancers. The freelancers usually charge about $68 per hour on an average and the SEO agencies tend to charge about double of that amount, i.e. $134.66. The trend is also very similar for per‐project fees and monthly retainers. The SEO agencies usually charge about 2 to 4 times more than the freelancers and a lot more than the consultants.
  • Many experienced SEO firms charge a lot more than the less experienced SEO firms. Companies that have been operating for more than 2 years in this industry typically charge about 39.4% more on a per hour basis, around 102.41% more for the monthly retainers as well as a whopping 275% more for the one‐off projects compared to those SEO firms that have been in the SEO business for less than 2 years.
  • The SEO companies that only serve the local market tend to charge a lot less than the ones serving worldwide market. It has been seen on an average that those companies serving worldwide market tend to charge about 130.74% more compared to local SEO companies in terms of monthly retainer pricing.
  • The SEO companies that are based in Latin America and India charge a lot less than the SEO companies based in other parts of the world. The SEO companies based in India as well as Latin America charge only $60/hour or even less. This is much less than global average of $108.33 hourly rate. The trend is also similar with per‐project pricing rates and monthly retainers.

There are also some other factors that we have discovered in our detailed survey. Let’s have a closer look at them.

  • Around 36.78% of SEO firms offer by the hour rates for their work. The range between $100 and 150 per hour stands as the most widely popular hourly rate when it comes to SEO services, with about 25% of all companies charging within this rate. Around 50% of SEO companies charge within $75 and $200 on a per hour basis. About 88.28% of SEO firms charge about $150 per hour or less. Only about 6.25% charge an hourly rate that exceeds the $201 mark.
  • SEO agencies tend to charge more on a per hour basis than the freelancers.
  • The more experienced SEOs tend to earn much more every hour than those SEO firms that have been in business for a lesser time.
  • SEO companies that offer their services to worldwide clients tend to charge more on a per hour basis than those SEO firms that mainly serve local businesses.
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