How to grew a Website to 10K Visitors In a Month

It has been noticed that the companies blogging as a strategic measure are more successful and have higher rates of return than the companies which don’t. To ensure success you should dream big and strategize on how to have over 10K monthly visitors on your blog.

Launching a website is not difficult. Once you have created your blog, there are over millions of other blogs against which you have to compete. Building a following and urging thousands of people to visit your website on a regular basis is often the toughest part. To have that kind of following it takes a lot of hard work. Simply updating the blogs won’t work for you.

To earn 10,000 visitors from Google, you just need to follow these 3 easy steps. It will ensure success to your company in the long run. It may take time for up to 3 months but it will surely be efficient. There are many other ways to increase the visitors to your webpage, but these are some of the few easiest steps which you can follow as mentioned by the SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Step 1: Finding the right keywords:

You need to carefully plan out your contents and the major part of it are the keywords. Keywords help the user find your webpage. Picking the wrong keyword will stop your business from boasting and you will be left with a little or no sales and followers. If you are not sure which keywords to use you can take a look at your competitor’s web page by heading to Ubersuggest.

You will find numerous keywords which you can use in your blogs. Each keyword is given an SEO Difficulty (SD) score of 40 or less. The higher the SD the harder it is to rank the keyword and vice versa. You also need to look at the volume in a keyword. It denotes the number of people who have searched for the keyword. The keywords with volume of 500 or more will be a better choice.

After selecting the keywords you can also view the most popular pages at your competitor’s website. The ranking by Google can help you write your content. Once you have selected the primary keywords you need to pick out a handful of other related keywords. It will show you the closely related terms which you can include in a single article.

You can get the list by clicking on “keyword Ideas” in the navigation menu. There are tabs for Suggestions, Questions, Related etc. These will help you in writing a potential content without missing any important keywords. It may take time for you to search for 100 keywords per group but it will help you during the content writing.

Step 2: Writing Content:

After dealing with the keywords you should write a blog. Your blog should contain all of your selected keywords where it makes sense. When you use the right keywords you get higher ranking by Google. You do not want your article to be dull, only containing only the keywords. Try to make the most use of the selected terms while also making your content engaging. You are writing it to attract the customers and not only for search engines.

Some of the points to keep in mind are:

  • You should keep your URLs short. Shorter URLs are usually ranked higher than the longer URLs. Try to keep your URL limited to maximum five words.
  • Your headline should contain the main keywords to get the attention of the public.
  • Your meta description should contain at least 3 main keywords. It will give an idea to the reader of what they will find ahead.

Step 3: Promotion of the contents:

After writing the content with the right keywords you have just completed half of your work. To promote your page you need to get social shares and backlinks. Backlinks means the number of pages which are hyperlinked to your webpage. With the social shares you will be attracting more eyeballs which will ultimately lead to more backlinks. Google does not rank you higher based on the social shares but it generally depends on the number of backlinks.

On Twitter you can find thousands of people tweeting about stuff related to your business, when you search for the keywords. You can ignore the general updates and put heed to the people sharing articles. You can email them or contact them to share your blog on their twitter handle. Most of the people will be willing to share your content as you are sharing their content. It would be profitable for both. Once you have contacted such 40-50 members you would be able to grab more attention on the social web as you would be able to attract their audiences as well.

After getting social shares you need to focus on building backlinks. You need to go to Ubersuggest. After opening the webpage you need to put your keywords and you will get a list of numerous sites and the number of backlinks each of them has. Clicking on “Link” will give all the sites which are linking to your competitor’s article. Find the site owner of each of the URLs. Send an e- mail to each of them urging them to link their URLs to your webpage.

Try to send as many of such e-mails as you can for each of the articles you write. It is often seen that once the articles get posted, the blogger completely forgets about it. Doing this they are taking a risk of losing potential audiences. Updating an article will make it relevant. It may cost you some of your time but doing it continuously will generate traffic and in return your sales. If you want quick results you can appoint a Digital Marketing Company to help you with your SEO Service India. You can use these tactics to reach your goal of 10K visitors and beyond.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Paul Tournier