Google’s May 2020 Core Update:The Winners and Losers

The last core search algorithm update by Google was rolled out back in January. Since then, the search and world have witnessed some serious changes.

On May 4th, Google started rolling out the second core search algorithm update this year, called “May 2020 Core Update”. It is called “Core Update” as it is a huge change to the algorithm which impacts many sites.

The data from SEMrush Sensor shows that with the volatility of the skyrocketing, this newest Google Core Update is also bringing remarkable Search Engines Results Page (SERP) volatility, and is much more influencing and stronger the January core update.

Google 2020 Core Update

Who is on the Winning or Losing side of the May 2020 Core Update?

The core algorithm updates bring about notable changes within the search results as they are designed to do so. However, there are winners and losers in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

When a core update is fully rolled out, spotting the rank gains and drops are inevitable. The industries that witnessed huge fluctuations in the ranking are real estate, health, people and society, travel, and pets and animals. However, due to the pandemic, the user queries related to travel, tourism, life events, etc. were seriously down, which makes the volatility of these categories predictable. almost everyone over the past few months have been constantly gazing at the news channels.

What happened to your rankings?

Did you check what happened to your traffic after the update? If you haven’t, you should go check your rankings to see whether they have gone down or up. You should also check what’s happening to your traffic from your Google Analytics account.

We hope they have gone up. However, it is most likely that the results are negative.

How to navigate through this storm?

If your rankings have slipped due to the May 2020 Core Update, you don’t need to panic. We have some information that can help you navigate through this storm.

According to Google, their core updates are designed to ensure that they are able to deliver the most relevant and authoritative content to their searchers. So, cutting the long story short, there is not much you can do about the slip in the rankings or the algorithm update other than improving the quality of your content.

I. Fix your SEO mistakes:

The first and foremost thing to do is to find out if your content is helpful to others, formatted to help the users and search engines, up authoritative.

Statistics show that the more the SEO mistakes in a site, the greater the negative impact was. This simply means your ranks could have gone down after the May 2020 Core Update because of the SEO mistakes you were making. Therefore it’s important to make sure to fix all the SEO mistakes and avoid making them.

One more type of mistake that can damage the rankings of your website is duplicate title tags and meta descriptions. Duplicate meta tags are used by many websites and can create problems when found on a large portion of your web pages. Therefore you need to check your website for duplicate meta tags and fix them if any.

If you are finding it hard to fix all these search engine optimization mistakes o your own, any local SEO company could help you with this.

II. Fix your thin content:

Of the websites that have experienced a fall in their rankings, a lot of them had thin content, which makes it another one of the mistakes that can affect your rankings.

Sites with thin content are 3 times more likely to have negative effects on their rankings than positive ones. Therefore, you should check your website for thin content and fix them.

You, however, won’t be able to fix all thin content as some pages and categories may not need a lot of words. And as of the others, you can fix them with a few hundred words or even through a few images. But in the case of the pages that are supposed to be more in-depth, you need to fix them.

Below are three questions for you to consider before fixing your thin content pages:

  • Is adding more words really needed?
  • How good are your pages as compared to your competition?
  • Does keeping the page make any sense?

You can either do this on your own or get help from any of the digital marketing companies that are available in the market.

III. Step up the Content game:

After you are done fixing the mistakes with your previous content, you need to work on stepping up the game.

You should spend some time in creating quality content for your website, which will be better than the standards of the industry, and give the search engines and your targeted audience will all the information they need to answer their queries.

In addition to that, you need to update your content frequently. And by updating we mean adding new paragraphs, delete information that is irrelevant or outdated, and even rewriting an entire article, if that’s what is needed.

You need to do whatever it takes to keep your website and all its content valuable for the readers and up to date. And if you do this right you can attract some organic traffic to your website soon and find a difference in your ranking as well.

Doing all this alone will not be an easy job to pull off. Therefore, you can either consider hiring people to work for you or hire a company, which provides SEO services India, to help you with all this. QuickSeoHelp is an SEO company in Ahmedabad that can help you with all the search engine optimization services you need in order to fix your SEO mistakes and improve your content, thus fixing the rankings of your website.