How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Google is a place where people search for what to do, what to buy and where to go. Grow your business with Google ads and be seen by the customers at the very moment they are searching on Google for relevant things you offer. It is one of the best places to let your ad appear at the very moment they are searching for a product or services that you offer. A well-timed ad can turn people into valuable customers whether they are on mobile or desktop. You can set a monthly budget cap that works for your business as Google ads can work for almost any advertising budget plus you can pause or adjust your spending anytime.

Benefits of google ads

  • Through Google Ads, you can grow your online booking sales or mailing list sign up that direct person to your website
  • You can get more phone calls and increase customer calls with ads that feature a click to call button.
  • In comparison to traditional marketing methods, one can get 10 x more leaves and double the conversion rate with the help of Google ads.
How Much Does Google Advertising Cost Google Keyword Planner

How much does a Google ad cost?

Especially for newcomers, this is one of the most reasonable questions. After all, all those new to PPC are probably most interested in knowing whether they can afford the expense or not or how much they will be expecting to shell out to advertise on Google. But the answer depends because the cost of the Google ads depends on several variables.

Working of Google ads

To know the cost of Google ads, you need to first truly grasp on and understand how the platform works. The biggest misconception about Google ads is that the more you spend money the more you get the influencer. Google ads is a more level playing field than many new advertisers as there are different terms you need to associate with while getting access to Google ads

Google ad auction – This is an essential part of Google ads as when a user types a word or phrase in the Google search bar, Google tries to find out the queries containing the keywords and thus the auction begins.

Ad rank

Ad rank is calculated by your quality score and maximum bite-



CPC bid and quality score is the maximum bid you specify for your keyword.

Average CPC in Google ads

Cost Per Click Advertising

The average CPC across all different types of keywords and business in Google ads is between dollar 1 and dollar 2. In super competitive markets clicks can get much pricer whereas on the Google display network clicks tend to be cheaper.

SEO and Digital Marketing Overview

 SEO Company provides services of search engine optimization to businesses and is a process of creating a change in the website you are designing which helps them to improve their online visibility and will make the site you create look more attractive. Various organizations undergo the process of Search Engine Optimization which will help their website to rank higher in search engines for particular phrases and keywords. Thus, this will engage and reach more customers and enhance the growth of the company.

Digital marketing is the key business tool for enterprises as it enables them to harness the business to the next level with the power of the internet and helps them to boost the website traffic and gain visibility across the search engines while engaging users so that they get converted into customers. A digital marketing agency is a team of professionals who excel at every aspect of online marketing and digital marketing from SEO to SMM, SMO, ORM, PPC creating a perfect mix of these strategies and bringing a result-oriented digital plan for your business. These agencies ensure that your business website is on the top and despite the competition in the market they can stay there and are the team of expert’s marketers who will help you with online marketing and offer a wide range of digital marketing services.

There are leading SEO Companies in India and Digital Marketing Company in India with promising services. SEO Company in Ahmedabad is one among them offering you promising and 100% guaranteed customized solutions of Search Engine Optimization to Enterprises level and Startup Clients. Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad provides top-notch Digital Marketing Services which will guarantee an increase in rank of your website and 100% guaranteed Return on Investment. By exploring the power and capability of the Internet SEO  and Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad helps in the growth of the business of the client.

 SEO and Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing will help you with maximum exposure in major search engines which will enhance exceptional growth in your business and will help to improve website traffic. The key goal of SEO and Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad is to help you to promote your website and ensure improving internet branding and an increased Return on Investment.

The key services of SEO Company in Ahmedabad and Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad provided are: 

Seo And Digital Marketing Services
  • Optimization of social media, social bookmarking, header, title and meta tags
  • Will localize the blogging and optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization copywriting and Digital Marketing content development
  • Analysis of competitive and initial sites
  • Tracking of reports
  • Linking popular search engines with your website
  • Listing of business directories

Out of the many services, these are the few services mentioned above that have been listed and this will be provided with a 100% guarantee by SEO Company in Ahmedabad. SEO Company in Ahmedabad also provides video marketing, reputation management, rank tracking service, and much more analysis which should be taken for the benefit of your business site. Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad also has a specialized team which will provide you with generating hundred of doorway pages, site navigation, back-link creation, high-quality internet copywriting and control flow optimization. They provide Pay per Click (PPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) methods for generating high-quality traffic rates to those clients who opt for faster turnaround time.

10 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing

  1. Creating and verifying Google My Business Profile
  2. Removing and Checking of Any Duplicate Google Profiles
  3. Addition of  Description and details
  4. Asking For Google Reviews
  5. Publishing post to your Google My Business Profile
  6. Making NAP consistency
  7. Building More Citations
  8. Adding Relevant Keyword Content To Your Website
  9. Getting High-Quality of Relevant Links
  10. Get Activeness in Social Media

Significance of QuickSEOHelp

Key-points and significance of QuickSEOHelp in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing are as follows-

  • They will enable potential customers to find your website anytime and anywhere.
  • They will assure you that there will be a maximum number of visitors to your website.
  • They will be dealing with the most valuable and important segment of the marketing mix.
  • Compared to traditional marketing, QuickSEOHelp is considered very cheap.

Thus, with all the facilities and opportunities, QuickSEOHelp Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing facilities have successfully helped to provide proper solutions to start-up businesses and enterprises to increase their Return on Investment.